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Our Services

Ferm Engineering has experience with a wide variety of projects and provide your company’s building services and fire safety requirements nationally.

Fire Engineering Services

Ferm Engineering - Fire Engineering Services

Fire Engineering designs that involve a multitude of building services can be cohesively developed by our staff. We take pride in our professional development in the field of fire safety engineering with international research, collaboration with national fire agencies (eg. Engineers Australia, NFPA, SFPE, IFE, etc)

Our team develop solutions using fire and smoke modelling, evacuation and egress modelling for extended travel, thermal impact structures, passive fire protection and radiation assessments.
We take on a wide variety of projects where any aspect of fire safety compliance is involved. This is not restricted to just buildings but will involve mining, transport infrastructure and facilities outside traditional building codes (eg. Airport & marine terminal).

Design Advice and Documentation Services

Ferm Engineering - Fire Engineering - Consultancy Advice & Documentation

Our building services and fire product knowledge allows us to develop unique solutions to complex problems. Ferm Engineering offer design advice on fire protection, mechanical and electrical engineering services that will assist all different types of projects with their various issues, including:

  • Concept and design development
  • Fire protection systems and special hazards
  • Air-conditioning and ventilation
  • Exit and emergency lighting
  • Mechanical briefs and reports
  • Hydrant system
  • Smoke control and matrixes
  • Passive fire systems
  • Building specifications for tender
  • Budgets to assist our Clients

Ferm Engineering has an industry network that comprises of Certifiers, Builders, service/industry professionals and contractors. This allows us to keep in touch with latest product developments, installation techniques and project management.

Software Modelling

Ferm Engineering - Fire Engineering - Software Modelling

We have access to modelling tools/software for fire services such as: egress, smoke control, fire resistance level, radiation assessments, hazard identification, and risk management

  • CAMEL – Energy and heat load estimation
  • HYENA – Hydraulic systems modelling, sprinklers, hydrants, chilled water
  • FIREWIND – A suit of dynamic fire models for heat, radiation, smoke
  • CFAST – Fire zone model
  • FDS – Fire dynamics simulation

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