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Fire Engineering

Fire Protection Services

Ferm Engineering - Fire Engineering - Protection

We can offer varying degrees of service depending on the level of manpower and attendance you require. This could be either total Fire System Project Management, running side by side with your managers or a Quality review role for checking construction plans and attending to design queries only.

We offer services related to all types of fire protection services ranging from:

  • Passive fire rated wall & risers
  • Fire system audits & inspections
  • Sprinkler & suppression technologies
  • Mechanical ventilation
  • Smoke management design
  • Smoke system testing
  • Detection & alarms

We can provide mechanical services such as:

  • Design & reviews for fire & safety systems
  • Ventilations & air conditioning
  • Egress lighting & signage
  • Evacuation plans & policies

Performance Building Code

Ferm Engineering - Fire Protection - Performance Building Code

Ferm Engineering work within the performance guidelines and requirements of the Building Code of Australia. This document outlines the necessary performance procedures and documentation required to address fire safety performance in buildings.
This can be found at

In addition to this, Ferm Engineering has experience in other national building codes and their performance requirements and the standards associated with these references to the:

This offers our clients a varied knowledge of fire safety systems and of performance methodologies used in Australia. Ferm Engineering is actively involved in applying performance codes in Australia and draws from its construction based knowledge and fire safety and protection design to adopt various levels of modelling and compliance with performance codes.

As building codes changes, it will be to our client’s advantage that we can adopt these performance codes for their particular building project. Ongoing research will only see this level of performance improve with the levels of modelling and available research data as performance engineering goes into the next decade.


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