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In mechanical engineering, we are involved with the industrial, retail and process industries developing ventilation and air conditioning Design & Construct layouts with our cliental. Because we specialise in these fields with trade-qualified people, we can offer superior design experience and cost assessments to your traditional mainstream consultancies.

Every building requires ventilation and good air quality. Ferm Engineering have experience in the design of ventilation and air conditioning systems for all forms of buildings. With nearly 20 years personal experience in mechanical engineering and specialist ventilation, we cover commercial buildings, industrial and storage facilities, cool room and fresh food storage, accommodation buildings, office buildings, shopping centres and retail, process and equipment conditioning.

Our air-conditioning design is based on an array of modern CFC free refrigerant systems, air-cooled or water cool systems in a variety of ducted and natural ventilation systems. We work closely with architects in the configuration and design of these systems for performance, aesthetics and long-term maintenance of these systems. We carry the latest standards and codes in relation to code compliance and certification of these systems and offer third party certification of building ventilation and air conditioning systems.

With fire safety it is important that high-rise air conditioning and ventilation is integrated with the fire safety systems. This forms a natural element of our engineering and we are able to develop innovative and high performance systems with our background in fire safety and mechanical air conditioning.

Ferm Engineering provides building automation and control compliance with industry standards, Australian Standards and we are familiar with most commercial control systems from T.A.C., Siemens, Innotech, Johnson Controls, Honeywell, etc.
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