Ferm expands firepower

Ferm Engineering has added to its consulting and design firepower with Fire Systems Associate Matt Negrin joining the team.

Matt is accomplished in designing sprinkler, hydrant, hose reel and special hazard fire systems, including pumps and tanks. He has more than 17 years’ experience developing detailed sprinkler system construction and graduated with a Diploma of Fire Systems Design from the Sydney-based Pacific Institute of Technology.

Matt’s appointment significantly expands Ferm Engineering’s capabilities and capacity and we invite contractors requiring fire systems design, including detailed pipe fabrication to meet building information modelling requirements, to contact us.

Ferm Engineering’s team, including Matt, has been developing water mist deluge, gas suppression, and aspirating smoke detector system upgrades for the APA Group-owned Diamantina Power Station, which is the primary power supplier for Qld’s Mt Isa region.

The fire systems are in the commissioning stage, which will be completed in early 2021.

Ferm CEO Steve Burton said: “The combination of Matt’s skills in high-level sprinkler system design and Ferm’s existing fire engineering capabilities enable us to provide cost-effective, creative designs for construction detailing of pumping and piping systems, ensuring completion documentation meets all legislative requirements.

“We can deliver fire services design, supply, and certification from concept to completion, encompassing wet, dry, special hazards and passive fire protection systems to satisfy market demands in all Australian states and territories.”