Licensing regime implemented

The Queensland Building & Construction Commission introduced a new licensing regime for fire safety contractors from 1 May 2021.

The new scopes for fire licences were in response to a lack of accountability among service and installation contractors and a consequent lack of consumer confidence in people conducting fire safety work.

Ferm’s qualified fire engineers conduct certification, design, audit and inspection of all fire safety systems. For 15 years they have worked with the industry to train contractors in code compliance, testing methods and installation of specialist systems.

Unlike contractors, qualified engineers must maintain their skills through continuous professional development and must have professional indemnity insurance. That gives clients peace of mind.

Ferm’s team can prepare and oversee maintenance contracts to ensure only qualified and appropriately licensed contractors install equipment, maintenance procedures are conducted regularly, repairs are compliant, and critical defects corrected.

Ferm Engineering CEO Steve Burton said: “As the new framework for fire contractors is implemented, building owners and managers need expert independent advice on risk and the fire safety condition of plant. Audit services are now more in demand with uncertainty created by a lack of fire industry competency.”