Ferm funds flashbox

Flashbox image courtesy of Flashpoint Equipment.

Ferm Engineering is sponsoring the development of a new flashbox for the University of Qld’s fire lab.

The fire safety testing facility, in the Frank White Annex of the School of Civil Engineering, includes a flashover room that enables researchers to observe how fire behaves in flashover events.

The compartmentalised flashbox enables students to observe how ventilation affects fires and how they spread from room to room.

Ferm is working with UQ Associate Professor David Lange, whose background is in structural fire safety engineering, including risk and performance-based design methodologies and structural mechanics under high temperature.

Ferm graduate engineer Kieran Quach is in his final year of a Masters degree at UQ and writing a thesis on the mechanics of developing the flashbox and exploring the fire flashover phenomenon. The work will contribute to training and knowledge for future students.