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BHP Cannington Mine

Project Details

Client:Downer EDI Engineering
Location:Queensland, Australia
Services:Fire Engineering Services Upgrade

Project Overview

The fire systems and sprinklers at this remote metaliferous mine for lead and silver were over 25 years old and in need of upgrade. The site was being rejuvenated to extend the mines operations and fire systems were run down from the harsh environment.

Specialist pumps within portable containers were designed and developed by Ferm Engineering and supplied by Chubb Fire and Downer Engineering. These were connected to existing fire tanks off the main fresh water dam, and brought to current code performance with 6000L/sec Caterpillar diesel pumps and controls. All were tested in Brisbane and shipped to site.

Systems were developed for both above ground fire fighting and the underground.

Additional specialist Foam sprinkler for the underground fuel depot were designed and tested, using the Firedos German proportioners. The magazine compound was risk assessed with BHP and BMA engineering team to upgrade the older system of sprinkler with a full spray deluge system. Fully designed and tested with Ferm Engineering, our hands on approach appreciated by the BMA mine team.

These projects, plus many smaller fire systems audits and plant upgrades have been undertaken with the BMA maintenance crews at Cannington Mine west Qld.