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Francis of Assisi Aged Care

Project Details

Client:Francis of Assisi
Location:Mackay, Queensland, Australia
Services:Fire Engineering, Mechanical, Sprinkler, Electrical & Construction Phase.
Category:Aged Care

Project Overview

The electrical upgrades and extensions to the new Block C and D was extensive for the property. A full roof solar power system was integrated into the existing supply and new metering arrangements.

Lighting developed with LEDC and dimmable and bed controls met the latest in convenience for Aged Care Facilities.

A room by room home style DTV and Foxtel network was developed with WIFI remote access to all areas. A modern system not used by most providers.

All HV feeds and DB’s reconfigured from the 30 year old network created a new platform for the Aged Care Facility to see them later for the next 30 years.