Research enhances child safety

Ferm Engineering is working with a range of child care centre operators to conduct further research aimed at ensuring safe evacuation of children from low and high-rise centres during fires.

Ferm has developed evacuation modelling tools for child care and aged care facilities, which were presented at an international Society of Fire Protection Engineers conference in New Zealand last March.

Ferm CEO Steve Burton and fire engineer Wayne Blake are consolidating the tools into an engineering design proposal for Engineers Australia’s Society of Fire Safety guidelines being developed for fire engineers and architects.

Egress modelling in prisons and disability, child care and health care facilities is a specialist area Ferm has been developing over two decades.

The research will enhance Ferm’s evacuation modelling tools and assist child care centre operators to manage safe evacuation of children and develop the required staff ratios. That is translated into centres’ procedures to obtain approvals.

Ferm is facilitating the research at its own expense because of Steve’s personal commitment to improving standards for child safety during fires.

Ferm also can provide dedicated assessments for all child care, education and health care facilities.

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