Robotic technology fights fires

Ferm will participate in an Australian first, organising demonstration events for extinguishing fires in ACP cladding.

Field tests in Brisbane and Melbourne in July will highlight performance engineering fire safety solutions using robotic technology.

Ferm will combine with associate organisations Johnson Controls, CPD Solutions, A Dart & Co Builders, Qld Fire & Emergency Services (QFES), and the Qld University of Technology to conduct facade tests with Johnson’s Tyco-branded Spraysafe automated water cannons.

Australian and international expert speakers will outline the robotic cannons’ performance capabilities.

Ferm CEO Steve Burton said: “We’re presenting the field tests to the insurance and fire industries to encourage education and adoption.”

The tests will demonstrate how performance engineering solutions can avoid replacing flammable cladding on a range of buildings.

The tests will compare the robotic, automated Spraysafe cannons’ fire suppression performance on 100% PE and 30% fire-rated PE cladding. The cannons use infrared technology to detect fires and respond within one minute.

In Brisbane, the tests will be conducted at the QFES Whyte Island facility near the Port of Brisbane. In Victoria, the venue is the Warringtonfire accredited test laboratory in Dandenong.

Ferm Engineering is a regular contributor to R&D methodologies and these events are another example of the vigour that Steve applies to ensuring he and his team are always best practice.

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Bookings for the events will be available soon via CPD Solutions’ website.

5 March 2020